Providing professional, person-centred care in Northern Ireland.


At Kathryn Homes, we are passionate about providing professional, person-centred residential and nursing care to older people in Northern Ireland, including those living with dementia.

We are committed to providing high quality care focused on the personal choices, needs and preferences of our residents in a safe, comfortable environment.

In order to achieve these high standards of care in all 12 of our homes, we rely on a team of skilled, experienced, motivated individuals who are passionate about the wellbeing of our residents.

Within each home, we work as one, all with the common goal of supporting both our residents and each other.

Kathryn Homes has developed a suite of Values which are championed by our team members and visible in all our homes.

We benefit from the wealth of health and social care experience of our Board members who regularly take the time to visit our homes to meet our residents and team members.

Further details about Kathryn Homes can be found at KathrynHomes.co.uk

Our Vision, Mission and Values